1. Breakfast:Caramel smoothie, almonds. #whatsinthebasket

  2. Dinner: Avocado on toast, tomato and mozzarella sandwich. #whatsinthebasket


  3. Anonymous said: Scrambled eggs? Greek yogurt? Sorry if I'm mistaken, but I thought you were vegan?

    I decided to be vegan over the summer for six weeks. I’m now eating dairy, fish and meat (and have been for a while) . My about section might have made that a little confusing but I’ve updated it just now! :) 

  4. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and a strawberry mango smoothie. #whatsinthebasket

  5. Breakfast: Banana cinnamon smoothie

  6. Snack: Chocolate milkshake partayyyy #whatsinthebasket

  7. Snack: Chocolate banana ice cream 🍌🍫🎉🍫🍌🍫

    Side note: I haven’t been posting very much lately (#hellasorry) but I’ll be posting a lot more food over the next few days I promise!

    Xoxo-Diva the basket

  8. Breakfast: Greek yogurt with honey and coconut sugar, scrambled eggs, mango. #whatsinthebasket

  9. Breakfast: Banana, blackberry, and raspberry smoothie (I also used a beet to make it pinker) #whatsinthebasket

    P.S. You can’t taste the beet 😏

  10. Lunch: Mango, carrot, and banana smoothie, bean, avocado, and tomato salad. #whatsinthebasket