1. Brunch: Egg and salmon on toast over leaks and mushrooms, berries, blueberry muffin #whatsinthebasket

  2. Breakfast: Banana chocolate walnut muffins #whatsinthebasket

  3. Lunch: Chicken noodle soup and clementines because school gives me a cold 😷 #whatsinthebasket

  4. Dinner:Grilled cheese, salmon and potato salad. #whatsinthebasket

  5. Breakfast: Cinnamon muffins!!! #whatsinthebasket

  6. Dinner: Avocado on toast, tomato and mozzarella sandwich. #whatsinthebasket

  7. Breakfast: Banana cinnamon smoothie

  8. Breakfast: Greek yogurt with honey and coconut sugar, scrambled eggs, mango. #whatsinthebasket

  9. Lunch: Peaches, mangos, and spring rolls. #whatsinthebasket

  10. Dinner: Squash stuffed with quinoa, arugula and cucumber salad. #whatsinthebasket